Servant Leadership Program

When Enough is Enough.

  “This is the reality we live: aspiring to be at our best, longing for and sometimes finding meaning and connection within ourselves and with that which is larger than ourselves, we are undone by messy bathrooms, traffic jams, and burnt toast” -Oriah Mountain Dreamer This quote beautifully articulates the lifestyle that I have found […]

Everything is Incredible: SLP Visits the Saint Peter Coop

  The Servant Leadership Program held a unique, penultimate meeting at the local food co-op on Monday, April 22 with Chris Johnson and former SLP member, Benjamin Batz. For many of us, it was our first time being in that space and, upon entrance, we noted the fresh aroma instantly greeting us as we stepped […]

The Art of Possibility

  At our last meeting, the SLP Apprentices watched the video, The Art of Possibility. In this video, conductor Benjamin Zander explains his approach to leadership. Zander sees leadership as a potential to be filled, rather than a status to be gained. He also believes in servant leadership and applies it to his work. The […]

Right Livelihood, Mindful Eating & Power Shifts

For the full member meeting on Monday, March 25 the Servant Leadership Program held a special meeting at River Rock Coffee in St. Peter to connect students with community members who were engaged with similar ideas of service through vocation. Tamika, the owner, founded the coffee shop eleven years ago with the intention to change […]

Addressing the Unwanted

Thich Nhat Hanh, author of Peace is Every Step, identifies necessary steps such as meditation, breathing, and enlightenment for an individual to maximize peace within themselves and ultimately, among others. In the first excerpt of Peace is Every Step, Hahn, addresses Non-Surgery and the fact that “if we try to throw away what we don’t […]

Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future

Over the past few months we have read the book “Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future” by Margaret j. Wheatley. This book focused on how, by just communicating, we can make the world a better place. In part three of the book labeled ‘Conversation Starters’ Wheatley highlights twelve questions […]

The Coming Days

      For many of us, the coming days will bring stress and anxiety. In the month of December, it is common to see students wandering around campus dazed and confused from lack of sleep, one miss-hap away from a public breakdown. Due to the enormity of work that looms ahead, health, hygiene, and […]

Reflection: Finding Your True Self

      Entering college as a first-year, I was very excited for what was ahead of me. I had goals for what I was going to accomplish and I was excited about the relationships and memories I was going to make along the way.  I guess you could say I was looking into the […]

Intentional serving, better leading.

      According to good ole’ Merriam Webster the word intentional is defined as “done on purpose; deliberate”. At times it is so easy for me to go into “auto-pilot” and lose sight of what it means to be intentional. Does this ever happen to you? I remember last year, one of my favorite […]

One can, I think, listen someone into existence, encourage a stronger self to emerge or a new talent to flourish. – Mary Rose O’ Reilley   Deep listening is a skill many have not heard of. For those who have tried it, it is an uncomfortable situation full of awkwardness, risks, excess vulnerability and trouble […]